Wedding Band Athlone

You’ve got the flowers selected and arranged and the cake too. You’ve sent invitations, called everyone you remembered including friends and family, made sure the food and drinks will be set right, transportations, seating , meal tasting, decor, dress, suit , shoes, brides maids, church, the list goes on and on, but to make your wedding truly memorable nothing brings class and prestige to a wedding quite like The Lols wedding Bands Athlone.

Getting the right Wedding band is essential to ensuring your evening is talked about long after the party ends. From Jives to 80’s, 90’s, and the naughty’s to current pop The Lols Wedding Band Athlone have it covered. With their passion and enthusiasm for music, The Lols reproduce a combo of Vocals, Guitar, Bass and Harmonies with attention to detail which never fails to deliver The Best Show Possible.

Wedding Bands Athlone

Rock & Roll/Jives

The Lols Wedding Band Athlone offers a wide variety of Music and her is a sample of some Rock And Roll/Jives:

  • Good Looking Woman
  • Dance The Night Away
  • Crackling Rosie
  • Galway Girl
  • I’m a Believer
  • Rocking All Over The World
  • Not Unusual
  • Bright Side Of the Road
  • 500 Miles
  • Joe Dolan
  • The Mavericks
  • Neil Diamond
  • Steve Earl
  • The Monkeys
  • Status Quo
  • Tom Jones
  • Van Morrison
  • The Proclaimers

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